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Why Doctors Say You Can’t Prevent Pregnancy Complications (And How You Actually Can)


Most women go through pregnancy hoping they don’t develop a complication. 

After all, doctors make it sound like it’s just bad luck – they may need to step in and save you!

Here’s the truth:

OBs are just like other doctors – they focus “the cure” and NOT on prevention:

Doctors don’t go to medical school to learn preventative health.  What happens in the OB office tends to run decades behind the research.

Ethical considerations block some pregnancy research:

Doctors who rely on large research studies don’t find papers that convince them.  Many don’t consider holistic approaches from alternative studies at all.

Our culture has an overall toxic attitude towards pregnancy:

Women are treated like children once they get pregnant…

…and mother and baby are pitted against each other from conception. 

Doctors don’t consider how you, as an intelligent woman, should be in charge of your pregnancy.  They take our society’s toxic perspective that mother and baby need to be saved from one another.  Their information is geared towards getting you to agree to their instructions – not for you to research and think for yourself.

You CAN make a difference in your pregnancy health – and your baby’s LIFELONG health:

A nourishing pregnancy diet can prevent most complications.  You need evidence-based info and supportive guidance on implementing it, because it works.

Holistic health, where you nourish your mind, body, and spirit can reduce the impact of stress and trauma, leaving you confident and powerful during your pregnancy (and birth)! 

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