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Must-Know Info for Natural Birth Mamas


One of the biggest childbirth fears is tearing while you push your baby out.  Unfortunately, most hospitals increase the risk.  Here’s what you need to know:

Risk Booster 1: No Prenatal Education

The first steps to prevent tearing happen during pregnancy.  If nobody is talking to you about that, you miss the window!  Nutrition, conditioning, and more make a difference – if you start them at the right time.

Most women have only basic information about childbirth. Birth is described as a mechanical process, rather than a hormone-driven journey.

You can prepare for a gentle birth when you understand how important hormones are (and your mindset, too).

Risk Booster #2: Valsalva Pushing

The Valsalva maneuver is standard in hospitals and is what you usually see in movies and shows. You’re in bed with your legs in stirrups.  Then, you hold your breath and push to the count of ten.

This technique is great for the doctor but difficult for you and your baby.  It lowers everyone’s oxygen levels, reducing blood flow to the uterus, your baby, and tissues that need to be soft for birth.

Risk Booster #3: Forced Pushing at 10 cm

Most care providers want you to start pushing when you hit 10 cm…

…but your body and baby may not be ready for pushing.  Letting your baby move down a bit gives the tissues of your perineum time to open. 

When you wait to push until you feel the urge, and only push how you want, you’re more likely to birth your baby gently!

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