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My 6th Baby’s Birth Was Painless – Here Are 6 Things That Made It Happen


Today is my sixth baby’s birthday!  Here are six things that led to his gentle, painless birthing:

#1 – I Embraced My Power

Labor and birth are POWERFUL…

…and those strong contractions are YOUR power.  I embraced my contractions and stepped right into their intensity.  That shifted how I handled labor and made it a positive, powerful experience.

#2 – I Used a Birth Tub

It’s 100% true – water makes a difference. It takes away the weight of your belly and provides gentle counter-pressure all over.  You can easily change positions to help baby move down, too.

#3 – I Practiced During Pregnancy

I took time every day to practice breathing, relaxing, and softening my tissues (especially “down there”).  I used those same techniques and visualization as I pushed him out gently.  It was automatic!

#4 – I Cleared Fears BEFORE Delivery

Even on baby #6, you have fears about giving birth and mothering.  I used my fear-clearing workbook to handle everything that came up, so I felt calm and confident before the first contractions started.

#5 – I Said No Exams, No Hands

I refused any internal exams.  They hurt and give almost no good information.  I also asked my midwife to stand back, so I was free to push in the position and way my body wanted to.

#6 – I Caught My Own Baby

Being in the water made it easy for me to push in a kneeling position. I breathed him out gently – nobody realized he was born!  My hands were the first hands to hold him – priceless

(NOTE: Know you want a beautiful natural birth, but feel overwhelmed? You’re not alone.

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